Paversol is a new, revolutionary and unique blend of plant based components, designed as an environmentally friendly alternative to diesel for stubborn asphalt clean up applications.

Paversol has been formulated with low VOC technology to help comply with stringent regulatory requirements. It has no known carcinogens, no ozone depleting chemicals (ODCs) and no hazardous air pollutants (HAP).

Its high flash point (>201°F) and low odor make it a very user friendly product for those difficult asphalt clean up chores. It ease of use and remarkable effectiveness has gained Paversol a wide acceptance in the industry.

Paversol, is “the natural choice for the modern road builder.”

Paversol Mfg. by
K&L Supply, Inc
503 Bains St. #203
Brookshire, TX 77423


Paversol is:

  • revolutionary
  • sustainable
  • plant based
  • biodegradable
  • heavy-duty

It is designed to provide the most effective cleaning and removal of:

  • asphalt
  • tar
  • tack emulsion
  • crude oil
  • heavy grease
  • many other hard to remove oils

while remaining environmentally responsible and compliant.

Effective Asphalt Cleaner